Nurdin, you did a fantastic job!!
I just received the watch. Thank you very much for your help. I hope that my husband will like it. Nurdin, you were very helpful when I was panicking that I wouldn't receive the watch in time for New Years. You were able to provide alternative watches as the one I chose was out of stock. You were kind enough to give me a good discount and to get it here very quickly. I am very impressed with the process and your customer service. You were more than accommodating and I really appreciate the constant communication and efforts to get it here as quickly as you did. Thank you once again Nurdin, you did a fantastic job!!
Date published: 12/30/2014
10 / 10 stars

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3 Tips to Choose the Best Movado Watch for Your Lady

3 Tips to Choose the Best Movado Watch for Your Lady

If you are interested in a brand that spells luxury and class, effortless ease and magnificent time keeping, then opt for the best Movado watches for women. As a gift giver, it is a must that you know the woman you are gifting the watch to. She can be a lover, a wife, friend or even the much loved sister. Watch shopping is fraught with many challenges, but it is rational to follow some useful tips to be successful in your watch buying endeavor.

1. Before you gift a bright and sparkling Movado wrist watch, try and evaluate the lifestyle of your mate. It makes sense to have a fair idea of the setting the woman is in. You could choose from a regular watch or a sports watch depending on the lifestyle attributes of the potential wearer.

2. Try and find out what kind of a body structure the woman has. If she has a lean and tall figure, you could opt for an androgenous watch that can be unisex too. You should have a fair amount of idea about the look she exudes. A dark band watch may suit a fair woman more than a dark complexioned girl. Choose the appropriate color tones and the dials.

3. Proportionality is also very crucial when deciding on a watch. Most consumers prefer watches that are in watch cases and have wider bands with exquisite craftmanship. Smaller watch cases and thinner bands are much better for svelte and petite women.

No matter what the style of your lady in question, a watch is always the best possible gift that one may gift to his wife or his lover. Women who do not like wrist watches, may find solace in fob watches sold at Brand Watches. These are wonderful gifts too!

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